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Apple is the most expensive brand in the world, which is worth about $ 117 billion. Analytics from The Telegraph made this conclusion based on results from three independent rating agencies.

The assessment was made using official information from  Millward Brown, Interbrand and Brand Finance agencies, each of which evaluates the Apple brand to 147.9 billion dollars, 98.3 billion and 104.7 billion, respectively.

Apple’s market capitalisation is more than 611 billion dollars – so, analysts believe that the cost of Brand itself worth more than one-fifth of the value of the entire company. In late August, Apple shares have broken a historic record, but with the beginning of September began to decrease amid a scandal with stealing nude photos of celebrities with the service iCloud.

Second most expensive brand is Google – Google brand was estimate about $ 107 billion. Google and Apple – the only companies in the world with brand value of more than $ 100 billion.

IBM closes the top three with an average cost of the brand in the $ 76 billion. Just below is Microsoft whose brand was valued at $70.8 billion.

Technology companies dominate the top ten brands in the world – among them also Samsung (8th, $48.1 billion) and Amazon (9th, $44.3 billion).

The top 10 most valuable brands in the world also got Coca-Cola ($64,5 billion), General Electric ($52,1 billion), McDonald’s ($51,2 billion dollars) and Toyota ($33,3 billion dollars).


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