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Apple has established a fine of $ 50 million to its partners for data leaks about new products prior to their announcement. This is stated in the documents disclosed by component supplier GT Advanced. This company is under bankruptcy procedure now.

GT Advanced produced sapphire panel which was used in the Apple camera and fingerprint sensor for smartphones iPhone. According to rumours, which ultimately did not materialise, Apple intended to equip a new generation of smart phones iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus displays of sapphire glass. However, after the official announcement of the device in September, where Apple showed new iPhone without sapphire glass, GT Advanced shares fell sharply, and a month later, the company filed for bankruptcy.

Usually Apple keeps details of its contracts in secret. However, contract with GT Advanced includes the item of $ 50 million penalty for any leakage of information about Apple products before their official announcement.

Apple fines vary from one supplier to another, do they depend on the time and type of product leaks – not specified. However, as mentioned by Cult of Mac newspaper, it is likely that this fee is a standard for component suppliers.

Recently leaks from various sources let you know almost everything about the new Apple devices long before the official announcement. Considering how the company is trying to use the effect of surprise, Apple’s attempts to introduce penalties for leaks are not unexpected. The main problem is  the efficiency of these sanctions – as a rule, bloggers who post information about the new iPads and iPhones before the presentation, are referred to sources from Apple suppliers.

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