What should I say in my advert? 

What should I say in my advert?

Successful advertisements offer by attracting the reader, so a list of perks is always more powerful than a list of attributes. (A function is a quality of the product, however an advantage is what the item offers to the customer.) Attempt to compose from the readers’ point of view, focusing on exactly what interests them and exactly what will make them grab the phone. List all the perks your item or service can offer. Then cut back your list ruthlessly to isolate a single, powerful perk (known in the trade as a USP, or Unique Selling Proposition) and build a headline around that.

Every advertisement should have a heading, your name and your contact information. These should be included, and the space that is left is all you have to have fun with when writing body copy. Relying on the size of your advertisement, there may only be space for three or 4 bullet points and a line or more of copy. Adverts ought to be succinct and convincing and provide sufficient details to lead the reader on to act. Refined, condense and adapt your copy up until you have the right balance. Draft numerous variations and attempt them out on people whose judgement you count on. Leave the different variations pinned up on the wall and return to them later on. You might be surprised how dull some of them seem the next day.

In general, it is better to make a single point, though this can be supported by three or four perks to the reader. For instance, an advertisement for a plan vacation might work like this.

Desired the vacation of a lifetime?

  • We select you up at your door
  • We fast-track you through the airport
  • Our knowledgeable resort staff will indulge you

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