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This photo was sent to MacRumors by one of their readers. According to him, the picture was taken on August 20 at the site of the exhibition building “Flint Center”. It looks like 3 floor building covered with white tent, so that you can’t see what inside.

Apple misterious building Infinite Profit

According to the reader, the construction site is guarded by thousands of guards. Representatives of the administration refused to give any comments regarding this construction, saying only that they “do not have the right to discuss it according to customer requests.”

Immediately after Apple sent invitations to “Flint Center” on September 9, Jim Dalrymple – the author of The Loop – personally came to the site to see how things are going there. According to him, what he saw, the building resembles a space where journalists will be able to test the new devices.

Exhibition Centre “Flint Center” (De Anza College) is located just two kilometres from the main office of Apple in Cupertino, but the company have not used it for their needs. In the history of Apple they held there only three of its activities, says The Loop: In 1984, Steve Jobs showed in the first Mac – it is hard to overestimate Mac’s contribution to the history of computers. In the same year there was a meeting of shareholders of Apple. The last time the company has used “Flint Center”, was in 1998, when Steve Jobs introduced the desktop iMac.

“Flint Center” – the largest of the presentation halls, used Apple. He can accommodate 2,300 people, while more popular the company’s centres “Moscone West” and “Yerba Buena” are 1500 and 750 people respectively.

The scale of the selected presentation centre and preparation for the event is correlated with the recent words of Phil Schiller, vice president of Apple. In May 2014 he said: “Later this year we [show] the best line of products I have seen in my 25 years [working] in the Apple”.

On August 28 Apple confirmed to media that the presentation will be held on 9 September. Invitations sent to journalists stated that “we would like to say more.” According to media reports, on this day the company will present not only the two models of the next-generation iPhone with screens 4.7 and 5.5 inches, but the “smart watches”, known as the iWatch.

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