Apple Pay in Australia and Canada Infinite Profit


Mobile payment system Apple Pay allows you to make payments outside the United States. It is reported by 9to5 Mac tehnoblog citing users who are able to successfully make payments in stores in Australia and Canada.

Apple Pay, announced in September, started on 20 October. However, according to representatives of Apple, the service is available only while users in the United States, and the company does not say anything about plans to launch in other countries.

At the same time, users in Canada and Australia were able to successfully take advantage of Apple Pay in local stores. Payments were made through the contactless PayPass terminals from MasterCard, PayWave from Visa or ExpressPay from American Express.

However, the function only works if Apple Pay tied to a bank card issued in the United States by one of the Apple’s partner banks. This does not necessarily have to be the same card that is used in your account iTunes, although Apple offers this option in the System Setup. According to users, Apple Pay is tied to the region, set on the device. Thus, users abroad with an American CC may vary region to the United States in the device settings and use Apple Pay in stores outside the United States.

Although Apple Pay does not yet support the Australian or Canadian bank cards, card holders are able to use the American system in the terminals contactless NFC-payments in these countries. While it remains unclear what is required of the retailer, which has decided to support payment via Apple Pay – writes 9to5 Mac, perhaps, Apple will introduce a geo-location option.

Representatives of Apple, Visa, MasterCard and American Express has not yet commented on this information.

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