Deadly Mistakes In Blogging!

I recognize that by writing a blog site about how to not write a blog site, many of you might be tempted to state, “Yours is the best example of how not to do it.” However you would be wrong. My blogs, in fact, are award-winning, most recently granted the “Most Amazing Blogs in the History of All Time,” which is in fact true because you can make anything on Photoshop.

However, due to the fact that everybody in the world is now a blogger (which seems to me like a word that would better describe a bloated jogger), I thought it might be helpful to share a couple of tips about ways to write the worst possible blog you can. Everybody pursues success, you know, and you do not wish to be much like everyone else, do you? After all, if everyone jumped off a bridge, would you do it, too?

So below goes:

1. Compose every little thing in one long paragraph.
I want you to know that I quickly considered showing this one by composing this entire post as a single paragraph, however then I understood that nobody would publish it even if they would have otherwise liked it. And who could blame them? Provided how much information we’re all continuously bombarded with, it often takes place that individuals choose based on impressions rather than an extensive reading of whatever you’re sending them. And from a visual viewpoint, a single long paragraph suggests that you don’t even know enough about English to break your thoughts into discrete pieces, much less organize them more delicately into a convincing argument others would aspire to read. And if you can exclude punctuation completely– congratulations! You’re 11.

2. Focus almost completely on offering something.
It’s fine to point out services or products you can provide– we all understand that, to a certain level, everybody who writes a blog is trying to sell something in some way to somebody. However there’s a difference in between “making others conscious of a services or product you could provide” and “seeming like a market barker at a Moroccan bazaar.” Several blog writers I understand advise that the sales part of your blog site need to occupy less than 20 percent of your time, and some of them recommend as little as 10 percent. Which is why everything you do every little thing you can to offer something in every sentence. The more your readers recognize that you consider them only as a potential source of money, the more they’ll recognize that your posts most likely aren’t worth reading. Which will save them a lot of time– meanings you’ve assisted them.

3. Talk more about your issues than whatever topics your readers might be personally interested in.
In the sense that a blog is kinda-sorta like a diary, it could make sense for you to concentrate on how mean Becky was to you today in physical education. Count on me– I despise Becky, too. However in the sense that a blog is released for the entire freaking world to see, in contrast to hiding beneath your bed in a book with a tinfoil lock on it, your blog site ought to most likely concentrate on the kinds of issues that appeal to others. Seriously, if you should grumble about your troubles, stick to Facebook. That’s around 41 percent of what it’s for.

I’m sure I missed a couple of vital ideas, but this will definitely offer you the foundation you have to become the blogging equivalent of a phishing attack. That’s all for today– however do not forget to have a look at all the sweet deals on my site! Act now and for a restricted time you’ll get 70 percent off EVERYTHING WE HAVE TO SELL IT ‘S CRAZY THIS IS THE BEST DEAL EVER YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO CLICK ON MY WEBSITE PLEASE!

Jeff Havens

August 4, 2013

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