Australian Political Circus - Can Brand ALP Win Back The Public’s Favour?

As Australian electors brace themselves for an onset of political messages from all sides of politics, the advertising and marketing masterminds behind the “Kevin 07” initiative success will certainly be right now rushing restore the event and provide a solid, sensible picture to the Australian ballot viewers.

It takes a tough leader to reverse the fortunes of any type of industry, but when that business is national politics and management is a public drama, can also the most wise communicator keep it with each other? We will certainly be viewing with keen interest to see how expert marketer K-Rudd takes on the formidable challenge in advance of your man as he looks for to take an event split to triumph in a Federal election.
In exactly what need to reinforce the team, a snap SMS poll conducted by Roy Morgan Research after last night’s management ballot showed the ALP taking pleasure in a sizable swing to 49.5 %, up 5 % from last weekend break’s multi-mode survey, directly tracking the Coalition (50.5 %) on a two-party preferred basis. Morgan wraps up that if it were held today the election would be too close to call.

Rudd’s communications difficulty is that he now enters the sector of exactly what could possibly be one of the most vicious Federal initiatives in memory, if the Liberal Party’s attack advertisement that tore in to Labor’s leadership weakness is everything to pass.

The Liberal celebration released the spot today (as well as obtained the ABC to play it completely, greater than once), that is full with scary supers, songs, wonky camera angles and film procedures, as cut quote after chopped quote echoes with arbitrary, foreboding words.

Watch the spot  below and think – what sort of election campaigning you’re wanting to see over the upcoming few months, and, additionally, exactly what kind of marketing you’re actually anticipating to see.

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June 28, 2013

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