I want to share with you this brilliant article by Mike O’Toole. The reason is very simple – try to add a part of your soul to everything you doing. Try to be a bit more creative especially when you are dealing with such boring things like Safety Presentations. You can create a masterpiece which will help to save lives! Think about this!

Delta Air Lines’ Awesome In-Flight Safety Video, And How Innovation Spreads

I’m flying from Boston to Atlanta on a 7:15 Delta air travel, barely awake. We’re merely taking off. Immediately people need to be fidgeting or stealing a last-second peek at their phones. Instead, I notice people are checking out the seatback screens and chuckling. It’s the in-flight security video. Things that you never, ever pay focus to is making individuals grin.

This obtained me considering how development begins and spreads out, especially when it concerns advertising and communications. The short tale is that it begins when a person has the nerve to go against the grain. It’s normally an upstart along with an unusual idea. They get a great deal of attention for their efforts, and after that it infects the significant users. Standards transform, and we’re all better off for it.

Every industry has its traditional wisdom, and its not-supposed-tos. Take insurance marketing. Securing against threat is a sobering company. For a very long time, typical knowledge was that insurance policy marketing must play it directly. The not-supposed-tos were that the ads should not talk concerning points in fact going wrong: people misbehaving, misfortune, acts of God. Never mind that these are precisely why we buy insurance coverage.

Geico and their unconventionally risk-tolerant CMO Ted Ward examined that. He provided us some of our most remarkable marketing characters, including the Caveman and the Gecko. Geico went from an edge discounter to a significant existence out there. Great deals of other firms followed fit, including the tier-one underwriters. Allstate’s Mayhem and Liberty Mutual’s Human project are wonderful instances. Each is unforgettable because they extract the exact same fact that we are all human beings, and we could possibly all use a little shrubbery against our inconvenience and absurdity.

As go insurance ads, so go in-flight security videos. Individuals are chuckling on the 7:15 Delta trip since the video is funny. It delivers the protection info very right, yet benefits your focus along with quirky minutes concealed right here and there, like the person who stores his accordion, or the guy along with two left feet, even a brief look of Abraham Lincoln. You wouldn’t necessarily expect this off-beat therapy from Delta, the biggest provider in America. What could be more major compared to in-flight security? Typical knowledge claims in-flight trials should be fact-based and sobering, and they quite a lot constantly have been. They likewise hardly ever get watched. The unique first-mover in this case was Virgin Air. Their animated in-flight video features a toreador and his bull seatmate, and precedes basic directions with remarks like “If you’re one of the 0.002 % of people who’ve never ever twisted a seatbelt …”.

The Virgin security video clip is appointment viewing, garnering even more compared to 700,000 sights on YouTube. Its success paved the method for a much more traditional brand name like Delta. It’s worth pointing out that Air New Zealand has been an innovator also, producing a string of security video clips including hobbits and Bear Grylls.

Traditional knowledge and not-supposed-tos exist for an explanation. But beware of being cowed by them. We’re all habituated to interactions birthed of standard wisdom. As study after research gigs, we essentially don’t see points– workplace protection signs, ads, in-flight videos– that resemble everything else. Our mind closes them out. So take an appearance at the Delta video and think of how you could be the one to do something unique in your company, or in your business. It could seem like a threat, however you’re opening yourself up to big benefit. And for those of us whose task it is to obtain our business the credit rating they are entitled to, isn’t really not obtaining saw the bigger danger?

Mike O’Toole


April 18, 2013

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