Coca-Cola Commits To Fight Obesity

Coca-Cola Australia has revealed it will dedicate to assist fight the issue of excessive weight in Australia with a television commercial that aired nationally last evening. The statement addressed the issue of weight problems and the activities Coke is taking, which includes enhancing reduced kilojoule choices and offering smaller sized serving sizes. The project will be supported by print and online advertising.
The refreshment giant is pledging to:

  • enhancing the availability of smaller section sizes,
  • offerer a bigger option of low-kilojoule refreshment options and raising awareness of low-kilojoule alternatives,
  • offer transparent nutritional info in even more locations, including vending equipments, and
  • help motivate Australians to get moving, by partnering with the Bicycle Network, a not-for-profit company in supplying bicycles to neighbourhood areas.

“Overcoming obesity will take action from all stakeholders collaborating, including Coca-Cola,” says Phil Roberts, commercial and franchise director of Coca-Cola South Pacific.

“We believe Coca-Cola has a vital function in offering more drink options, consisting of more choice in serve sizes and low-kilojoule choices, clearly communicating the kilojoule material of our items and sustaining community-based physical activity programs.”

“These campaigns, in addition to our existing policies and participation in the ‘Healthier Australia Commitment’, show how severe we have to do with belonging to the option to excessive weight,” he says.

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July 24, 2013

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