What are the essential elements of a good advertisement?  

good ad

To produce regularly excellent outcomes, bear in mind the helpful acronym ‘AIDA’. This represents attention, interest, need and activity, the sequence with which you are aiming to lead your reader.

  • Attention – the first requirement is to obtain discovered amongst a group of similar ads. (Think how hard an advertisement in Yellow Pages for kitchen areas or tyres should work to catch the eye.).
  • Interest – the advertisement needs to offer something instantly that will engage the reader’s interest.
  • Desire – the text or photos should promote need for the product.
  • Activity – your ad should encourage people to get the phone, fill in a discount coupon or see your premises. Small network marketing business can only justify the cost of marketing if there is a suitable activity at the end of the sequence.

In practice, you will generally use 4 fundamental elements to produce these reactions. In a printed ad, these will generally be a photo of some sort, a heading, some body copy and something clearly suggesting what you desire the reader to do next (the ‘call to activity’). An advertisement that tries to take brief cuts and leaves out any of the 4 phases of AIDA is unlikely to be effective.

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