Control your car via iPhone Infinite Profit


Now you can control some functions in your car via iPhone. Apple has patented an appropriate device. This information  appeared on the website of the USPTO.

The text of the patent states that the technology provides for the transmission of the signal on the location of the car on your mobile device. Then it defines its geographical position and distance to the vehicle. When satisfactory interposition gadget gets access to the functions of the car, such as lock or unlock the doors, heating of the passenger compartment.

The patent does not specify the type of mobile device, Apple released smartphones iPhone, tablets iPad, iPod, the well at the beginning of 2015 the market will go smart watches Watch.

In May, at the presentation of WWDC, Apple described the potential use Watch to find the car in the parking lot.

In March, Apple announced the feature CarPlay, which allows you to integrate the iPhone with car multimedia system. Later, the company reported that the technology was supported by Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and other manufacturers, which have shown their models with built-in Apple at the Geneva Motor Show.

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