How do I set about writing an ad for my product or service? 

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First be clear about the function of your proposed advertisement. There can be numerous different reasons for advertising, so ensure you know precisely what you hope for the reader to do as a result of seeing your ad. Likewise, be sure about who it is you desire to address and what will interest them – and exactly what might put them off.

Then consider what you will have to say to encourage your readers to act, and where the advertisement should be placed so that it reaches as many targets as possible. When you start writing, forget attempting to obtain it right first time, and never ever go with the first version until you have produced several choices.

Do not begin deal with your advertisement without taking time to select your fundamental goals 1st. You could desire to appeal to the trade or the public. You may wish to announce a sale, sell your item straight off the page, elicit enquiries, encourage individuals to send out for a brochure – or perhaps recruit brand-new workers. It is these objectives that will dictate the tone and rate of your advertising copy and the level of information it enters into. As soon as you are clear about exactly what you are attempting to do, you will be able to develop your concepts logically and write a convincing ad.

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