I am on Facebook and Twitter, answering questions and engaging. Do I really need to be producing longer-form content? People are impatient, and their time is fractured.

Facebook And Twitter Content

We don’t think of short vs. long-form content as an either/or prospect. Most businesses need both in their content-marketing mix. The trick is to use quick-hit, brief bursts of content (blog posts or social media updates) to answer easy questions and increase engagement.

Use longer-form material when your aim is to dig deeper into a topic, advise on a nuanced or complex issue or when an idea is special enough to warrant it.

In both cases, respect your audience. Long-form should never mean long-winded. Don’t waste your audience’s time by taking too long to get to the point–that’s just self-indulgent. Clarity and brevity should rule, even when the content is multifaceted or complex. (Side note: That’s why editors are important.)

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