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At $1,500, the designer publication of Google Glass may feel like a pricey but ultimately superfluous plaything. At least that’s exactly how I felt when I initially tried the tool– and it’s not an unusual belief.

Yet after even more than a week of blending Glass into my everyday productivity regimen, my song has altered. Google Glass could help hectic businessmen be much more efficient.

Here are the leading means I’ve found that Glass could enhance your operations and conserve you time and electricity over the course of your day-to-day stress:.

1. Allow information come to you– not the various other method around.
The most popular way that Google Glass has actually boosted the way I function is by altering the method I think. Glued to my notebook and inbox all day, I waste lots of time excavating around for the info that I require at any type of given time. From an email to an air travel verification, the web is everything about looking.

With Glass, Google eliminates the should search. Glass functions much like Google Now, Google’s real-time context-based notice system for Android and iOS. Google Now beings familiar with you with your Google data, blending info concerning your area and search habits with general info like the moment of day. This information pops up in Glass’s display in the form of “cards,” preferably at the appropriate time and place. You don’t go hunting for information in your browser or in a personal app. So far, I’ve been usually completely satisfied with the importance of what Glass tells me and when.

2. Get visits and agenda notes literally at a glance.
There are a handful of cards on Google Glass that can be especially beneficial during a regular day. For me, my vital productivity apps all need to associate with Google Calendar, which is the heart of my time management suite. Fortunately, Google Calendar syncs effortlessly with Glass. My meeting pointers and an at-a-glance plan are readily available right before my eyes whatsoever times, with a quick backward swipe in the Glass interface.
If you make use of various calendar software application, like Apple’s prominent iCal, you could conveniently import your calendar information into Google’s Calendar.

One trouble worth noting: locating older cards can be a duty. Google’s card-based interface for Glass is real-time naturally. If you don’t communicate with a new card promptly– be it email, a content, a New York Times heading or everything else– wiping back via Glass’s menu and locating it can be wearisome.

3. Save time on texting.
I don’t usually like talking on the phone. Neither do many of individuals I understand. Meetings and meetings apart, texting is what makes my workday, and my individual life, tick. Whether it’s enlisting on an apple iphone or swiping on my Android Nexus 4, texting can take up a substantial quantity of time. And while both iOS and Android assistance voice dictation, I generally neglect it’s an option at all. If I do utilize it, chatting down at a little glowing display feels uncomfortable.

With Google Glass, I’ve found myself dictating every one of my contents. My friends and colleagues have taken note that I’ve been more receptive.

However while Glass’s voice recognition is durable, I wish I can do the exact same with email replies. For now, short email feedbacks are a wind, yet everything longer compared to a couple of sentences and you’re expecteded to wind up with a misunderstood bit of dictation and have to go back to square one.

4. Get turn-by-turn instructions while steering.
I enjoy getting turn-by-turn instructions on a smartphone. Real-time web traffic information and navigation could cut vital moments off a commute or trip to a meeting or errand. With Glass, you obtain this details in front of your eyes.

Reading the Google Glass show while steering isn’t an interruption. I could obtain exact talked turn-by-turn directions without stumbling with a smartphone or taking my eyes off the roadway to examine a dash-mounted screen. Glass’s transparent directions overlay is simply enough security to obtain me where I need to go promptly and securely.

5. Save time with a sleek e-mail encounter.
Like I mentioned, you’re not going to wish to compose longer e-mails on Glass for now. Yet Glass transforms my email experience differently: by placing my thoughts at simplicity.

On my pc, I waste a lots of time floating around my e-mail inbox awaiting an important reply or fretting about what messages may have been buried under a filter or folder. As a Gmail user, Glass understands which of my correspondences are very important and which aren’t many thanks to my very own filtering efforts and tools like Priority Inbox. Glass offers vital messages to me in real-time, and does an acceptable task sorting the inbox wheat from the chaff. Presuming I keep Glass asked for up and on my face, I never miss out on a beat.

It’s worth noting that if you’re a lot more connected Microsoft or Apple’s software application collections, your gas mileage with Glass may vary. However many of Google’s applications and solutions play wonderful with their rivals with a little tweaking.

6. Anticipate Evernote and even more efficiency apps quickly.
Past these specific Glass-based workflow improvements, even more is on the method. At South by Southwest this year, Google previewed an Evernote application for Glass that will certainly incorporate with Skitch, Evernote’s standalone picture editor.

For lots of people, Evernote is a center performance device. It is sustained by nearly every system imaginable and is incorporated with pretty much every productivity application and service. When Evernote makes its means to Glass, keeping a document of everything from notes to expenditures and to do listings could be streamlined having Glass’s built-in 5-megapixel camera.

Taylor Hatmaker

May, 2013

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