I know how hard it is sometimes to force yo to write following post. I’ve created some tips for myself which help me to blog EVERY day!

I am sure that you can pick up some of them for you!

Just start your day with these commitments:

1. Imagination

Today I will certainly make something brand-new and various and consequently transform the globe for the better.

2. Resourcefulness

Today I will become tough by overcoming challenges with persistence and flexibility.

3. Excitement

Today I will certainly permit myself to become fired up in anticipation of whatever could occur.

4. Perceptiveness

Today I will look beyond my preconceptions to explore the naked truths that I missed out on previously.

5. Recognition

Today I will remember the miracle of mindful presence, which is all also soon over.

6. Level of sensitivity

Today I will certainly remain aware of the emotions of others and how they interact with my very own.

7. Relaxation

Today I will invest at the very least one hr doing something that’s merely due to the fact that I appreciate it.

8. Joy

Today I will certainly do my better to continue to be pleased, no matter the scenarios of the hr.

9. Electric

Today, I will use several of whatever power I have in the solution and for the welfare of others.

10. Health and wellness

Today, I will take action to make certain that I’m in much better wellness than I was yesterday or the day in the past.

11. Wonder

Today I will kick back and wonder at the unanticipated, without which life would certainly be uninteresting.

12. Playfulness

Today I will certainly show, a minimum of when, the delight of the loved one that still lives inside me.

13. Appreciation

Today I will certainly be grateful for all the terrific points in my life: my family, my pals and, yes, my job.


Wish you a good and easy blogging!

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