• Choose a short domain name.  Will it fit nicely on printed materials?  A domain such as will have trouble word-wrapping in paragraphs and fitting in marketing materials such as business cards.  This is especially true if your e-mail address is A domain like is far better.
  • Use your name or keywords.  If you sell cars, we wouldn’t recommend a domain like  You need a domain like  Also, if your business name is Johnson Automotive, you’ll probably want to use  We would only recommend keyword-based domains if there were no domains available which contain your name.
  • Always try to go with .com.  The most widely-recognized top-level domain (TLD) is .com.  If you can’t get a .com, consider changing your domain so you can.  If you would have to drastically change your domain, you should then consider a “.net”.  If that doesn’t work, use .us.  And finally, .info.  There are other TLDs such as .co, .ws, .cc, .tv, and .org.  Many spammers and malicious websites use .biz. The .ws and .cc TLDs are not very well known, and .tv is usually limited to the media. The non-profit .org is okay for non-profits, but we still recommend .com in most cases.  The .co TLD can be confused with .com, so at this point we do not recommend it either.  All the other TLDs (.edu, .gov, .eu, .travel, .pro,, etc.) have restrictions.  But never use .biz.
  • Sleep on it!  If you are uncertain about a domain name, don’t jump and register the first one that comes to mind. It is best to give it a day or two to think things through.

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