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YouTube is gigantic today, with more and more people making their millions from it. With more than 1 billion users, it’s very hard not to make money from it and if you haven’t realized it yet, YouTube videos are a massive opportunity for you to tap into.

Just recently, Google Inc mentioned that YouTube alone could be worth $45.7 billion if sold. YouTube has become a video platform that is ubiquitous across all other viewing platforms, it’s the go to point for video sharing. YouTube is in fact a social, technology and media behemoth in its own right.

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Worldwide, people view a staggering 4 billion YouTube videos per day, which for perspective is “the equivalent of nearly half the world’s population watching one YouTube video each day”. While other networks are paying for their content, YouTube users are willingly uploading 72 hours of great content per minute for FREE. It is granted that not all YouTube content is as desirable as the content others are paying for, but considering how many people watch videos on the site each and every day, it’s safe to conclude that during every minute, YouTube is gaining more valuable content at no expense.

You can just create a simple YouTube video that has a knock-on viral effect to be shared, and let people to pass it around on social media platforms or websites. The trick of reaching out to millions of Facebook users is to have viral features to get them to “Like” what you do, then post it to their walls, and finally to share it with their friends. Regardless of how simple is your video, you can still make your video go viral with just these features in your video.

The first secret to get your video going viral is that your video needs to have an “attractive” name and a thumbnail. The purpose of your simple video is to get users interested in your video’s name first, and then click onto your video to see exactly what is inside . By just using an interesting name, you won’t have to invest thousands of dollars building a brand that makes your video go viral.

Where can you create your videos for free?

You can go to video creation services like or to create and share your very own extraordinary videos, using your own pictures, video clips, words and even music videos. Keep in mind that an attractive title and thumbnail are both important to give a great first impression.

As you can see, there are many opportunities available to create simple but powerful videos. I hope this simple YouTube video idea will enable you to get started profitably.

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