Hybrid from Apple Infinite Profit

Apple is developing a version of iPad which will be run on a mobile platform iOS and on the operating system for computers OS X. It is reported by DigiTimes.

According to the newspaper, the first tablet from Apple to support both platforms may become iPad with a screen diagonal of 12.9 inches, the announcement and the output of which is projected for 2015.

Now iPad is available in models with a 9.7-inch (iPad Air) and 7.9-inch (iPad mini) displays and works exclusively on the iOS.

If Apple does release the iPad in OS X, this will expand the functionality of the tablet and allow customers to work with iPad almost as a full-fledged computer. Moreover, such a device will support applications from both the iOS App Store and from Mac App Store.

Such an approach uses Microsoft whose Surface tablet runs on Windows and can also function as a laptop.

At the same time, Apple executives previously opposed the hybrid devices. So, in 2012, the company’s CEO Tim Cook has compared such a hybrid (tablet with a laptop) with a combination of a toaster and a fridge, and said that Apple did not go that way.

IPad sales are very important for Apple as a way to diversify their business, which is now too dependent on iPhone. Smartphones bring half the company’s turnover. Tablet sales are $ 32 billion but fall the last two quarters.

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