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Your business is very successful, you are happy with your results, but….

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 Another story.

You are struggling with your business. You know and feel that it may be very successful and profitable business, but…. Something prevents you from moving forward. You need main guideline, core strategy for success.

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We specialize in increasing your profits – as simple as that!


We offer 2 main types of products/service:

  1. Positioning and Promotion Packages
  2. Monthly Service Packages


Positioning/Promotion Packages:

 1. Idea         (Creative Idea and Positioning)                          – Start Up Basic Package

2. Strategy    (Implementation/Marketing Strategy)              – Advance Package

aaa2.1. Correction          (Correction consulting)        –    Add ons to Advance Package

3. Partner      (VIP Professional Care)     –                        CMO Service  Package


Monthly Service Packages:

1. Marketing Assistant                                            Start Up

2. Marketing Manager                                             Advanced

3. Senior Marketing Manager                               Professional

4. CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)                        Guru


Our Guarantees:

We guarantee you 25% INCREASE IN PROFITS!


If you not satisfied with our service or we didn’t fulfil our promises – 25% Increase in Profits – We GUARANTEE Your Money Back!


You have nothing to lose but your losses!

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