John Hegarty, co-founder of Bartle Bogle Hegarty, has never been one to shy away from speaking his thoughts or holding a contrarian sight. However he appears to be making even more of a routine of it given that stratifying away from running a company daily and relinquishing a majority stake in BBH to Publicis Groupe in 2012.

In March, at Advertising Week Europe, he revealed derision for the marketing market’s fascination thanks to information. “It’s since I’ve invested my life managing people who’ve obtained all the information on the planet and yet they cannot developed everything,” he/she pointed out.

Then today, he/she revealed the sight that TELEVISION advertisement quality is the just the pits. In a live talk conducted by means of the U.K.’s The Guardian (among BBH London’s clients).

“The ads have just got even worse,” he claimed throughout a live chat with The Guardian (one of BBH London’s customers). “Television for instance is experiencing a golden age. Our work is not matching the top quality of writing and believing that’s going into all those fantastic TELEVISION productions.”.

He/she passed to claim that component of the trouble along with the quality of work today is that there aren’t sufficient individuals in leadership jobs. “I believe to re-invigorate ingenuity in our company, we need additional creative people taking an energetic function in driving their firms,” he said. “Taking duty. It’s always been the situation that artistic people in the past made the operating in our market. We need even more of them doing it for the future.”.

Rupal Parekh

April 11, 2013

Filed under: Marketing News

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