Microsoft has submitted a patent application that proposes the Xbox One be set up to track the behavior of audiences through the Kinect video camera, in order to manage to award viewers for watching advertisements during a TV program or flick and avoid them from missing advertisement breaks.
Microsoft Force People To Watch Ads

The ‘digital incentives’ could consist of providing an avatar away to the audience and offering away discount coupons for a marketed services or product. The Xbox One console is due to launch this year and was unveiled last week at a top-level occasion at the company’s head office in Washington.

Microsoft claimed it has gotten the patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office last week and specified in the application: “Television viewing has the tendency to be a passive encounter for a viewer, without a lot of possibilities for the audience to engage or have interactive encounters with today material. To improve involved viewing and encourage a user to enjoy several particular products of video content, awards and accomplishments might be linked to those items of online video material. Producers, suppliers and advertisers of the video content might set seeing goals and honor an audience that has gotten to the goals. By giving material seeing objectives and granting the customer for reaching the objectives, today disclosure provides for an involved television viewing encounter. Additionally, by connecting the honors and accomplishments to particular items of online video or advertising content, audiences could be encouraged to enhance their viewership of the content, thus enhancing advertising and marketing possibilities.”

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May 30, 2013

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