Mozilla and Google - on their way to divorce? Infinite Profit


Mozilla is looking for new ways to monetize its browser Firefox. There are several ad tabs in the new test version of the program which can reduce Mozilla’s dependence on partnership with Google.

Innovation was found by experts in still unstable test version of Firefox Nightly. It is expected that the final product will be posted within a few months, but a number of key features can be seen now, and a new type of advertising – the first thing that catches the eye. When you open your browser, then each new tab you may receive an advertising message in the form of a special strip.

Mozilla claims that the option can be turned off. In addition, the tabs will be placed not only on direct advertising partners, who pay money, but also banners from key chain retailers, such as Amazon and simply popular sites such as Facebook.

For Mozilla is a chance to earn extra money and reduce its dependence on Google, which pays hundreds of millions of dollars for the right to be the main search engine, which works with Firefox. By default, it is carried out with the help of the search.

First about advertising tabs Mozilla representatives spoke in February 2014, but the audience reaction was negative. However, it is worth noting that users are always bad for innovation in the field of advertising.

Firefox Nightly version is not final, so that developers reserve the right to refuse advertising in the tabs. However, Mozilla’s desire to get rid of binding to Google seems logical. It is worth remembering that the browser Google Chrome – a direct competitor to Firefox.

Previously, Mozilla has developed its own version of the startup screen for devices on Android. This “intelligent” desktop capable of showing the user the right information at the right time. App Mozilla Firefox Launcher was created in collaboration with the Israeli startup EverythingMe, which has been repeatedly demonstrated similar technologies. So the company is trying to strengthen its position in the ecosystem of Google.

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