Functioning a space and shaking dozens of hands? Overlook it. Re-think your networking to make long-term hookups.


I made use of to apprehension going to networking events and crowded conferences. I’m a little bit of an introvert and it always felt uncomfortable strolling up to a stranger and trying make little talk.

It had not been till I recognized that a few of my greatest possibilities have come since of a chance connection made at a conference or networking event that I started appreciating that dreaded networking. I realized I needed to think of networking differently to make it function for me.

With the Spring networking season entering full speed, it’s a happy times to think of exactly how you approach networking, so you could get the most out of your time invested.

The World is Flat

Some networkers I understand step via a networking occasion to accumulate as numerous business cards as feasible. They tend to place people they meet into 2 extensive classifications: prospects or non-prospects. They rapidly discard the non-prospects as a wild-goose chase.

That’s a blunder. A non-prospect might be equally as important to your future needs as a possibility because they might connect you with someone or something you need.

Keep in mind six degrees of separation? With the introduction and prevalent use of social networks and various other innovations, a study from 2012 programs that these days, it’s even more like 4 levels. The additional individuals you know– really know– the more likely you are to make that crucial connection you should take your job, company, or endeavor to the next degree.

Stop Working the Room

The first rule is to stop thinking of networking as “networking.” Networking needs to not have to do with meeting as lots of people as possible in as brief amount of time. There is no splendor in returning to your office with a handful of business enterprise cards if nothing comes from your efforts, and there is no requirement to continually place to your LinkedIn links unless you could develop a purposeful relationship with these brand-new links.

I work doggedly to find out what I could do for another person when I meet them. Who can I link them to? Exactly what can I do for them (outside of offering them my things)? What source or info can I share that will assist them out? True hookup is a two-way road.

Be Selective

I attend one occasion a week. If I select a new event, and it’s not ideal for me, I don’t go back. If it winds up being a good usage of my time, where I fulfill quality people that are intriguing and interested, then it makes it into my list of events to go to in the future.

One such event in Atlanta, started by Darrah Brustein, is the Atlanta Under 40 event. Darrah’s event brings in virtually 200 individuals a month. There is an unspoken policy that individuals don’t sell per various other at Atlanta Under 40– it’s regarding obtaining to understand someone new. Her event has actually been so effective that she just recently revealed an Atlanta Over 40 to provide everybody a place to make new connections.

Focus on Only a Few

One of my colleagues makes it a point to just comply with one person at any type of provided occasion and invests his time really being familiar with that one person. God depends on that deep link to potentially link your man with the remainder of their network.

I am not as hyper-focused, but attempt to have a purposeful discussion with just about five homeowner at every occasion I go to or for each and every day of a seminar. This results in enough calls to intend someday of conferences and learn more about each of them much more deeply within a few weeks of the preliminary intro. I have located that seeking to set up a high quality partnership with a couple of individuals gives the biggest benefit for my efforts.

It’s About the Follow Up

Quinetha Frasier of First Born Group follows a philosophy that I have always discovered to be true, but didn’t put it into words as accurately as she has. She believes that if you don’t follow-up with somebody within 10 days after satisfying them it was never suggested to happen.

She goes so much as to say that if you don’t MEET in 10 days, after that it had not been indicated to be. This is her way of identifying those that are actually severe concerning establishing a partnership and those just connecting because linking.

Eric V. Holtzclaw

March 26, 2013

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