Nissan Pulsar - Ad That Was Banned TWICE!

The Advertising Standards Board (ABS) has required Nissan to pull its most recent TV spot not once, but twice, after the auto company’s changes following the original problems were deemed inadequate.

The commercial functions a pregnant lady and her partner racing to the hospital. It is then exposed that the woman is putting on an artificial infant bump device and the couple are simply testing themselves to see how fast they can reach the said location.

This is among the few events in the history of the ABS that the same advertisement has actually efficiently been banned two times. The first version of the advertisement was banned in June after grievances were made to the standards board that the commercial encouraged speeding and harmful driving.

The ad was modified and relaunched after the grievances, with the scene where the lady was advising her partner to go much faster eliminated, in addition to the engine noise being made quieter. The noise of the brakes when the car located to the medical facility were also reduced.

he advertisement was relaunched on TELEVISION and online, however suffered a new round of favorites.

Complaints to the ASB consisted of:

“The whole basis of the ad is showing the auto hurtling along city roads at wonderful speed with seemingly little regard for its environments. The premise is that this erratic or desperate style of driving is to obtain the pregnant female, who is in labor, to medical facility. The twist is that she is not pregnant– it is a time trial “game”– so the speed is just hooning and showing how fast the automobile can go. I am appalled that this advertisement advertises this kind of dreadful, reckless driving as okay. It is plainly not fine– it is harmful and in definitely in breach of Nissan’s obligation to use accountable driving to promote their vehicles.”

Nissan doesn’t appear too phased by the 2nd round of grievances. They have chosen to switch to a 3rd variation of the area that will still consist of the race to the medical facility, but the “beep” of the stop watch” and the man saying “individual finest” are to be gotten rid of.

All New Nissan Pulsar Hatch. It’s back!

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August 2, 2013

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