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There’s something about a do-not-reply email address that just screams commercial giant, even when the email in question is sent from a small or mid-sized business. It used to be that giving the impression of corporate personhood was a plus, but these days that image has fallen out of favour. Yet, many companies still insist upon sending their email marketing efforts out from no-reply return addresses. Here are three reasons you should adopt another approach.

1. “Don’t reply” translates to “We don’t care.”

Just seeing that “” email address in the inbox makes subscribers feel like a piece of meat—sure, they’re good enough to receive emails all day long, but when it comes to sending a response back… well, forget about feeling valued as a customer. The no-reply email is a huge turn-off for subscribers, especially in the modern-day era of social media platforms that invite and encourage direct customer feedback.

2. You’re making subscribers jump through hoops.

Oftentimes, an email sent from a no-reply return address includes suggestions for how recipients can contact the company through other means, typically by visiting the official website’s dedicated “Contact Us!” page. For those reading emails on their smartphones or tablets, this can be a real pain, especially for customers who just have a quick question. Adding an unnecessary extra step to the customer experience can end up costing companies big in satisfaction points.

3. No-Reply never gets added to a contact list.

It’s a rare subscriber who’s willing to add a no-reply email address to his or her contact list, whereas an email address that encourages replies is much more likely to be saved and used. Email clients work overtime ensuring that their users are only receiving pertinent, legitimate emails, and a no-reply designation will always run the risk of looking more suspicious.

Show the Love

There are a lot of reasons why a company might opt for a no-reply address when sending out email marketing materials, but none of them really evens out with the negative emotional impact that the underlying message really sends to subscribers. These days, customers expect businesses to be interested in what they have to say, and want to know their feedback is heard and recognised. More importantly, they want a simple and straightforward way to offer that feedback. Sending email marketing from a live, monitored mailbox ratchets your friendliness level up a notch. Ditch the no-reply email, and instead invite responses from your subscribers to show that your business really cares about them, and values their feedback.

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