What is the Positioning Statement and How to Create It?

Positioning Statement

First, utilize your customers’ most wanted advantages as the basis of the positioning statement.

A positioning statement has four parts: the label of the client section, the most vital perks to that segment, the main rivals (however this is not that essential), and the key reasons why you can supply the consumer advantages better than the competition.

The most difficult component concerning composing a positioning declaration is recognizing the key reasons for differentiation from competitors. This info, naturally, comes from the business evaluation. The concern to ask is why can your company guarantee these advantages much better compared to the competitors? You can not simply talk concerning any type of competencies or toughness, however instead only those strengths that straight associate with the benefits wanted by the consumer segment. This is the importance of locating a differential benefit over the competition.

If you can’t write a positioning declaration, probably you do not have the proficiencies called for in the last component of the statement. Similarly, if a competitor can effortlessly match this statement, maybe this isn’t a segment you must be targeting.


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