PowerPoint Hell

It’s the day before your big presentation. You have actually stuffed as much info as you possibly can into your PowerPoint slide deck and you’re confident that you haven’t missed anything out. Yet, you can’t seem to shake that nagging question that it may not go as well as you had actually hoped …

In today’s multi-media age, generating audience enjoyment and engagement armed only with a slide deck is no easy job. Even if your discussion is extremely polished, the possibilities are that your audience will keep in mind just a portion of the messages you’re hoping to deliver.

And unless you manage to grab their attention in the first two minutes, they might end up plummeting into the catatonic state of dullness characterised by the phrases “death by PowerPoint” and “PowerPoint hell”.

Yet, by bearing in mind a few golden policies, it is possible for speakers to get their point throughout– and win over even the toughest group.

Know your audience

As most of us will have experienced, even the most positive presenter can slip into bad routines. Among the more frequent errors are not having a clear objective or call to activity, packing in too much information, failing to delight the audience and the all-too-tempting trap of using PowerPoint as a script.

Yet without a doubt the biggest mistake– recognized by 33 % of 600 UK professionals in a current Citrix survey– is the failure to understand your audience.

To conquer this and ensure that the presentation satisfies or surpasses audience expectations, it is constantly worth learning who is most likely to attend, in addition to considering why they are getting involved. Is it a finding out chance? Are they escaping work for an hour? Or has the employer informed them to come?

An additional worthwhile tactic can be to resolve likely objections head-on by developing them into the story. This can consist of, for instance, acknowledging that your services or product is among the more expensive in the market and neutralizing this by discussing why it makes a much better option than more affordable options.

Get to the point

The finest and most remarkable presentations usually tend to be limited to simply a handful of essential talking points. In this manner, you’re more likely to lead with your best ideas, create even more impact and increase the probability that your audience will remember what you’ve informed them.

With time at a premium for a lot of specialists, it’s just bad manners to promote longer than the audience had actually anticipated. And while it may sound obvious, inevitably you’re more most likely to urge a sale or attain favorable feedback if you nearby restating your essential objective and qualifying audience advantage.

Take advantage of online and offline presentation tools

We’ve all flinched at discussions that count too heavily on distracting PowerPoint techniques. Yet, there is an excellent case for using subtle animation and “develops” to present each of your points as you’re making them to assist guarantee that your messages are delivered in palatable pieces.

In addition, generating great visuals and keeping the presentation moving at an upbeat pace can also serve to maintain audience attention– a significantly challenging task in today’s multi-media age.

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