Proctor And Gamble - Forget About TV!

Proctor and Gamble is now supposedly spending more than a third of its U.S. advertising and marketing budget on digital media to associate with the fact that American grownups are expected to invest even more time on digital than viewing TV for the first time this year, The Commercial Journal is reporting.

P&G chief exec A.G. Lafley, informed The Wall Street Journal that digital spending on things like online ads and social media varied from 25 % to 35 % of its advertising and marketing spending plan and is currently near the top of that array in the U.S.

The business is believed to be preparing to invest more on marketing in its existing financial year, and its growing focus is on digital media, an area where consumers’ attention is rapidly moving. Digital media, according to business executives, is also proving to be a quicker and less expensive method for P&G brands to reach their customers.

“The bottom line is we require and want to be where the customer is, and increasingly that is online and mobile,” a P&G spokesperson informed The Wall Street Journal.

P&G’s deeper dive into digital ads comes as online advertising is making headway on tv, although there is minor proof up until now that television companies are suffering as a result.

Digital ad spending in the U.S is anticipated to expand 14 % this year to $41.9 billion, while TV ad spending is expected to grow simply 3 % to $66.4 billion, according to eMarketer.

As we reported the other day, digital media usage will surpass TELEVISION viewing in the United States for the first time this year, with digital media consumption anticipated to rise as much as 16 % over the next 12 months.

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August 8, 2013

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