I patented a marketing tool that’s used as a marketing product. How can I communicate to airlines, big brands introducing new products, healthcare companies, insurance coverage companies and others concerning it? Do these business have firms advertising their products and solutions?


Promo productMost of the electrical outlets you’ve pointed out do have media firms that represent them. You can attempt doing a search or communicate to business publications to learn who the “visit” agency is.

You may also think about partnering with a medium dimension or shop agency that has experience. Do a joint endeavor arrangement or revenue sharing contract so that you have a reliable electrical outlet where to provide your product.

As an example, I collaborate with a brand now that is aiding online search engine optimization brands and web style firms raise their cash worth every client by supplying something they don’t also need to solution. This makes it a whole lot easier for them to provide it to their customers, remonetizing their data source and enhancing future money value every customer merely since they could offer a much even more total package to them.

Discover out which marketing firms are local to you and take them to lunch time or coffee and provide them a brief description on what you’re thinking of doing. If they appear interested, see where they can aid take it. Make sure your agreements with them are clear and take it to the larger companies with them.

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