Wow, that might seem like a lot of stuff to remember, but we’ll show you how easy it is to do all of these things in a typical week of marketing for an online business

Your Success Schedule

  1. Monday – Keyword Day
    1. Think about some keywords that you’d like to rank well on Google for. Do some Googling to get ideas for a blog article about these keywords. (10 minutes)
  1. Tuesday – Simmer Day / Email Day
    1. Let those keywords/ideas simmer and develop over the next day or so
    2. Try to congeal a blog post and an idea for a video or photo
    3. If this is the week that you’ll be sending an email, then send out an email that contains snippets of the previous week’s blog posts and a strong offer/call to action. Don’t forget the facebook and twitter buttons. (2 hours)
  1. Wednesday – Blog Day
    1. Post a blog article of 300-500 words about your chosen keywords/idea (2 hours).
    2. Update your status on your Facebook page to tell your fans that you posted to your blog (2 minutes).
    3. Update your Twitter account to tell your followers that you posted to your blog (2 minutes).
    4. Insert an image from your Flickr account into your blog post (5 minutes).
  1. Thursday – Video/Photo Day
    1. Optionally record a video and upload it to YouTube (1 hour).
    2. or shoot a photo and post it to Flickr (1 hour).
    3. Create a blog post about the video/photo (10 minutes).
    4. Again, syndicate your blog post to Facebook (2 minutes).
    5. and to Twitter (2 minutes).
  1. Friday – Casual/Wrap-Up Day
    1. Catch up on Twitter/Facebook postings
    2. Check your stats on Google Analytics
    3. Look for areas(keywords) to improve.
    4. Wear shorts and flip-flops to work.
    5. Watch some funny videos online.


Well, that’s all for now –

Thanks for reading, and we hope you feel a little more educated about how to market your online business as a beginner. As we mentioned numerous times throughout these Tips, we are online marketing experts, and we charge reasonable prices for web marketing to help people market their businesses online. If you are feeling overwhelmed by all of this information, and you’d just like someone to do it for you, we’d love to help you with your web marketing. Please contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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