Let your customers lead the way

Anupy Singla never ever intended to develop her company around this philosophy, however the a lot more she looks back on the history of Indian as Apple Pie, her Chicago-based Indian food-products business, the more she credits clients with steering her approach.


Exhibit A: When Facebook followers grumbled they were having problem locating particular Indian flavors, Singla equipped her firm to get those flavors from makers and offer them available. Exhibit B: After buddies and next-door neighbors asked her to show them around Chicago’s Little India, Singla started managing intimate tours of the shops on Devon Avenue for $50 each individual. Also her Spice Tiffin, an up-to-date variation of a conventional Indian storage space compartment for flavors, visited market at the word of clients.

“The factor of view for this business is to make Indian food simple and available,” states Singla, who was born in Chandigarh, India, and immigrated to the U.S. with her moms and dads when she was a youngster. “If clients are stating they want particular points, it’s up to me to offer them what they want.”

Singla’s ultimate goal is to offer her items in retail shops throughout the country. Until after that, nonetheless, she plans to take advantage of her receptive consumer base to test-market items and see what sticks. “If something isn’t right,” she points out, “they’ll allow me understand.”

Matt Vilano


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