Don’t think, do!

So claimed a stranger to Jeff Curran, founder and CEO of Curran Brochure, a high-end residence furnishings company in Seat, even more than 20 years ago.


The 2 guys were resting beside each various other on a cross-country air travel, and Curran, after that 25, had actually just damaged into the catalog business. They got your hands on to speaking, and Curran spilled his tip for a startup while his neighbor inserted with devil’s-advocate questions. When the airplane landed and both cheered claim their bags from the overhead bins, the unfamiliar person finally opened his can of idea. Those three words encouraged Curran to put $15,000 of his own cash into launching his company, which has turned into a lucrative B2B and B2C brand name.

“After that aircraft flight, I’m sitting in the bathroom at my moms and dads’ property and I select up [an economic] journal, and this man was on the cover,” bears in mind Curran, now 47. Ends up the guy was mutual-fund virtuoso Mario Gabelli.

Curran still lives by Gabelli’s suggestions. Previously this year, after learning concerning profit margins in the high-end car-accessories company, Curran Catalog introduced a new product: designer flooring for hobbyist and European autos. “There is such a point as overthinking a big decision,” Curran points out. “Sometimes you simply have to obtain it done.”

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