No simply isn’t a choice

Above all else, this was the mantra that got Leo Rocco through his toughest times going to starting GoPago, a San Francisco-based mobile repayment firm that last year obtained thousands of dollars in financing from JPMorgan Hunt. Prior to the big package, Rocco had dumped $500,000 of his very own money into the business, maxed out his credit cards, endured three years without a paycheck, fielded numerous expulsion notices and rotated his industrial 3 times.


“I was on fumes,” accepts Rocco, who spent years working for IBM’s Rational Software group before setting out on his own. “It takes an impressive quantity of resolve and psychological strength to proceed doing what you’re doing and combat the insecurity that inevitably sneaks in, yet when you truly believe in the business you’re making, there’s simply nothing else way to do it.”

Rocco boasts that his propensity for willpower likely came from his moms and dads, Italian migrants that pertained to the U.S. with nothing and created an effective tailoring business in Buffalo, N.Y.

“They educated me that if you get thumped down, you return up; if somebody stops you from driving forward, you find another way for to where you intend to go,” he claims. “When failure isn’t an alternative, you guarantee yourself you will not fail. It’s not crazy. It’s effort.”

Matt Vilano

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