Talking Windows

Ah, the simple train window, when a sacred area where a weary traveler can relax their heads after a long day at work. Sadly, this could possibly be say goodbye if German firm BBDO Düsseldorf has a say in it. The agency, together with Sky Deutschland, is proposing to transfer promotions via vibrations in the train windows to ensure the sound shows up to ‘come from inside the user’s head’ when passengers raid them.

The idea would certainly utilize bone transmission innovation, that would certainly transmit the noise to the internal ear by passing resonances through the head.

The controversial tip was was flaunted at the International Celebration of Ingenuity in Cannes last month. The discussion reveals guests on a German train being amazed to hear advertisements advising them to download the Sky Go app on their mobile phones to watch streamed video clip.

The bone conduction technology has previously been made use of in listening device, earphones for swimmers and runners, and has even been used by magicians to make a person think they have had a message planted in their head.


Marketing Magazine,

July 4, 2013

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