The Art Of Positioning

Many individuals have different interpretations about exactly what brand name positioning implies. It’s one of those concepts that is hard to locate, yet at the exact same time is so crucial to the success of your brand name. Positioning is at the heart of your brand name. It’s basically the summation of every little thing your brand name is about.

So let’s simplify.

Positioning is constructed from exactly what you understand to be real about your consumer. It takes the perks you’ve laid out and makes them meaningful to clients. In its simplest of kinds, positioning is the mental space you wish to occupy in your consumer’s mind. It’s the first thing you desire your client to think about when they hear your brand.

In my column, “Connecting With Customers: How to Market to Their Emotions”, I go over how a psychological connection with your client is the secret to being a brand. However that emotional bond needs to be mirrored in the positioning statement for the company. Positioning is more about feelings and less about the truths.

That’s why online marketers who think a case about their offering or service is a positioning statement, really miss out on the watercraft. The exact same goes for a description of your kind of company. There’s no emotion because and it’s emotions that set apart a brand.

I remember when I opened my own company numerous years ago. As a group we were working on how we wished to position the firm, searching for the psychological perk that we can offer to our clients. We lastly landed on “We’ll get you advertised” as our positioning. We never ever used it as a tagline, however more as a positioning statement for how we would dish out what we offered clients.

Many of our customers were mid-level advertising managers at Fortune 500 business, working their means up the business ladder. The concept of assisting them get promoted was engaging. Our work would get them outcomes and they would be acknowledged for that. The truth that we were a brand name promotion agency offered the positioning statement double meaning.

As soon as it’s nailed, your brand’s positioning becomes the basis for constructing the brand name experience throughout the entire advertising and marketing strategy. The key is to make sure the real brand experience delivers on what was planned in the positioning.

In my company at the time, we saw to it we helped our clients showcase their work to get the recognition they required in order to be put in line for promotion. We made a huge deal when among our customers got promoted by commemorating every excellence. It entered into our character and part of the experience of working with us. This came straight out of our positioning statement: “We’ll get you promoted.”

Let’s take a look at a few huge brands and exactly what they’ve done for positioning. As I mentioned, the tagline can commonly be a huge tip:

  • BMW: “The supreme driving equipment.”
  • State Farm: “Like a good next-door neighbour, State Farm is there.”
  • L’Oreal: “Because you’re worth it.”

Notice the level of feeling in each of these taglines, which basically highlights each brand name’s positioning. Right here’s how I may equate those taglines into positioning statements:.

  • BMW: Makes you feel powerful.
  • State Farm: Makes you feel safe and secure and safe in times of demand.
  • L’Oreal: Makes you feel valued and excellent about yourself.

These are undoubtedly big blockbuster brands, but there’s no reason why you could not do the same for your small company.

You require to dig deep into the emotional perk that you offer your customer. Think about how you want your customer to feel about you, whenever they think about you. Attempt to capture that in a brief statement that finest explains exactly what you can provide, and take down a couple of options. Run them by your team and do a little brainstorming. It’s a lot of fun and you’ll be surprised at how rapidly you begin generating ideas.

Jim Joseph

July 20, 2013

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