Twitter - nearly $200 Millions Loss Infinite Profit


Net loss of microblogging service Twitter has increased by 2.7 times to 175.46 million in the third quarter of 2014 compared with a loss of 64.6 million dollars for the same period a year earlier. This is evidenced by a report on the website Twitter.

Twitter, whose shares began trading on the Stock Exchange in early November 2013, is not yet able to enter the profitable level. Per share loss for the quarter is priced at $ 0.29.

At the same time, the revenue service continues to grow. By the end of July-September 2014 Twitter revenue more than doubled to 361.27 million dollars. Figure exceeded the average forecast of analysts of the market in 351 million dollars. Through advertising service has generated $ 320 million in the quarter, of which 85% came from mobile advertising.

Monthly active audience of service increased by 23% over the previous year and amounted to 284 million users. For the three months Twitter audience has increased by 13 million people. About 80% of the total number of Twitter users log on to a monthly service with mobile devices.

In the fourth quarter Twitter predicts revenues of $ 440-450 million, and by the end of the year – about 1.37 billion dollars.

However, the quarterly results were negatively perceived Twitter stock market. At the close of trading NYSE stocks service cost 48.56 dollars, but after the announcement of financial reports value of securities in electronic trading fell by 11% to 43.2 dollars.

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