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Microsoft has introduced a universal mobile keyboard that is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android-devices and Windows-based tablets thinner than 10 mm. This was reported by Microsoft.

Users can connect to a wireless keyboard up to three devices on different operating systems and switch between them using the slider in the upper right corner. The device is compatible with the gadgets on Windows 8, iOS 6, Android 4 and later platforms and connects via Bluetooth.

At the same time, the keyboard will not operate with smartphones on the Windows Phone, since the Microsoft mobile platform doesn’t support the Bluetooth Human Interface Device. In addition, the keyboard does not have a touchpad – Microsoft abandoned it for the sake of compatibility with all popular platforms, writes ZDNet.

According to the manufacturer, if the user sets the keyboard to charge at night, it will be enough for 6 months of use without charging. Charging for 10 minutes will provide battery life for 8 hours.

The keyboard has a protective cover which turns it off. The keyboard has a button “Home”, which switches the user to the home screen of the device.

The keyboard will be available in October this year, priced at $ 80 in black and light gray colors, but will initially be available only in the United States and Canada, although later, Microsoft plans to sell it in other countries.

Running such a multiplatform device gives Microsoft an advantage over many accessories manufacturers, whose keyboard is compatible only with the gadgets on a specific operating system. This step continues Microsoft’s strategy for the development of cross-platform – earlier this year the company launched a version of Office for the tablet iPad. Finally, the device responds to the other Microsoft strategy – the development of devices and services for work.

In addition to the keyboard, Microsoft also announced a new controller for Xbox One, which will be connected to a personal computer via a cable. The device goes on sale in November for $ 60.

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