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    From the day we start working together, you’ll never have to be alone with your business. You will have your personal manager there whenever you need him. We’ll be in your corner ready to help you, advise you and support you. This is both the most popular and the most valuable service we have ever offered. If you have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to grow your business, this is it!

First things first and all starts with you. Your Business is your baby: you create (give birth to) it, you name it, you raise it! This is the first and the most exciting stage of your Life – enjoying the creation!​

Infinite Profit can help you to formulate the main goals and give some practical advice regarding the first steps of your baby – Name (What do you call the boat, so it will float), Audience – future Niche, Friends – potential clients, etc…





     When you start a business, it is your dream, your life’s passion, and it’s very difficult for you to step back and look at the business through impartial eyes. We can see things that you may have overlooked and which may be harming your business.​


Infinite Profit is your mapmaker. Marketing Strategy is your roadmap. We think you’ll agree with us, that roadmap should be professional (otherwise you risk to getting to Africa instead of America). Together with you, we’ll create the best ever personal roadmap for your business.

Now, you have your well-educated kid, you set its goal – your Business (no longer a Baby) it is educated and ready to start a journey over the Business Life Ocean. Great! But before you start your business cruise you need map, your personal roadmap! You have to know the place where you are now, you have to point the place where you want to go (your goal) and you have to get directions from A (you now) to B (you – want to be).


Time to go to Kinder and School. One of the very important stage – this is the basis for the whole future life of your Baby-Business. It is extremely important to find the right teachers and tutors who will give your Baby-Business necessary knowledge regarding Professional Life.

Professional Life - Start

Leon Lurie, CEO Infinite Profit

We are your best friend and adviser when you need help, guidance, and a little expertise.


Rideshare Survey

Infinite Profit is offering you a unique Service! We are the Professional Team of Pilots with more than 25 years of experience all over the world and all business sectors! We have successfully carried out any types and sizes of vehicles in completely different sectors of the sea and land. We perfectly know all details of long and successful business trips. Take us on board and we’ll show you the most efficient way to success!

To be successful, you need to focus on customers. Consumers – not just one link in the business chain – they are the only thing you should think about, if the purpose of business is to maximize profit. People who spend the money by buying a particular product/service are the heart of the every business.

Business Journey

The image of the company it is not only what is covered in the press. This is much more than TV commercials or newspaper ads. Everything done by your company – colours of your trucks and cars, how long it takes to answer the phone, what your employees tell their friends – all these effect on company’s image.

Please, help them to improve their service by answering a few simple questions

Ready to go? Let’s start your business journey! You have your cruise ship (your well raised and educated business), you have your roadmap (map of your journey with all oceans, islands, continents, flows) and you have your professional team in which you are the Captain! Congratulations! But don’t forget the pilot! You know all about your business (your cruise ship), but someone should know all about the environment around. We are talking about your pilot.

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Infinite Profit is one of the best Educators! We have more than 25 years of experience all over the world and all business sectors! We are here to help you on any stage of your Professional Education.

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Leon Lurie,
CEO Infinite Profit

Marketing consultant is an outside business professional who works with companies to create and implement marketing strategies.

The real job of a consultant – to meet the goals of the client’s company.

Consultant is your best friend and adviser when you need help, guidance, and a little expertise. 

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